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State budgetary institution of health “Children's dental clinic number 54 of the Department of Health of Moscow. 

The Moscow State Budgetary Healthcare Institution “Children's Dental Clinic No. 54 of the Moscow City Health Department” (hereinafter referred to as the State Budgetary Health Institution “Chipboard No. 54 DZM”) was established in accordance with the order of the State Health Administration of the Moscow City Executive Committee No. 666 of December 27, 1983. It is located at the address: 119415, Moscow, Udaltsova street, 4, Western administrative district.


Moscow Health Department

Head doctor:

Kozachuk Galina Fedorovna

Weekdays:   08:00 – 20:00
Saturday:     09:00 – 15:00
Sunday: by appointment by phone: +7 (499) 638-33-57; +7 (926) 123-62-90;


During treatment an individual approach is applied to each patient. We are focused on providing quality patient care in accordance with the latest international recommendations. Patient well-being is a key guide for us. The total number of patients treated by us in 2019 is 23,939, of which 24 are foreign citizens.

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  • BY PHONE:  +7 (499) 638-33-56; +7 (926) 123-62-90;


The following types of medical care are provided at GBUZ “DSP No. 54 DZM”:

Pre-medical medical assistance in: medical statistics, organization of nursing, radiology, nursing, dentistry, orthopedic dentistry, physiotherapy.
Outpatient medical care, including:
a) in the implementation of primary health care in: quality control of medical care, public health and the organization of health care, radiology, dentistry, pediatric dentistry, physiotherapy, examination of temporary disability;

b) in the implementation of specialized medical assistance in: quality control of medical care, public health and healthcare organization, orthodontics, radiology, dentistry, pediatric dentistry, orthopedic dentistry, therapeutic dentistry, surgical dentistry, physiotherapy, examination of temporary disability.

list of paid medical services


Driving directions

From the metro station Prospect Vernadsky: bus 120 - one bus stop , bus 42, bus 661 

From the metro Kaluzhskaya: автобус 246 - seven bus stop.

From metro Ramenki: bus 661 - nine bus stop

The clinic is located in a residential building, occupies the basement and mezzanine floors.

Adress:   ul. Udaltsova,4